Health A-Z: Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating: Battling Breast Cancer - Health A-Z

Your diet: Breast cancer   Good choices Folic acid (folate) for women who consume alcohol Risky choices Alcohol… Read More

Healthy Eating: Controlling Colorectal Cancer - Health A-Z

Your diet: Colorectal cancer Good choices Folic acid (folate), especially if you take it long term Vitamin D Exercise Calcium, or low-fat and nonfat… Read More

Healthy Eating: Preventing Prostate Cancer - Health A-Z

Your diet: Prostate cancer Good choices Soy Selenium in food (uncertain) Cooked tomatoes (uncertain) Risky choices Red meat Calcium … Read More
Healthy Eating: Beating Bone Loss

Healthy Eating: Beating Bone Loss - Health A-Z

Your diet: Osteoporosis Good choices Vitamin D Vitamin K Calcium (women) Risky choices Heavy consumption of red meat Excess vitamin… Read More

Healthy Eating: Banishing Birth Defects - Health A-Z

Your diet: Birth defects Good choices Folic acid (folate) Dark green leafy vegetables Fortified breads and cereals Risky choices Alcohol … Read More

Healthy Eating: Eradicating Eye Disease - Health A-Z

Your diet: Eye disease Good choices Dark green leafy vegetables Supplements for people at risk of developing advanced stages of wet AMD: Vitamin… Read More
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