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Of all the flavors in the world, we choose salty — and that’s not good - Blog Post

While the adjective salty can be used in today’s slang to describe one’s personality, it also pertains to our food. It’s saturated in it. And that’s not good. Salt: The good, the bad, and the too much Sodium is… Read More

Run for your (long) life - Blog Post

“Researchers find that running can add three years to your life!” shout the headlines. And yes, a new study did find that cardiovascular exercise, including running, can decrease the risk of death, and potentially prolong life. But there’s more:… Read More

New recommendation: No fruit juice for children under a year - Blog Post

Follow me on Twitter @drClaire Juice. Many people think of it as a healthy drink, something that should be part of a child’s diet. But it turns out that it’s not necessarily healthy at all — and doesn’t need… Read More

A spoonful of motivation helps the medicine go down - Blog Post

We have all done it. We are prescribed a medication to help us, but we don’t take it as directed, or at all. Sometimes we don’t even fill the prescription. Why? Things get in the way of getting to… Read More

Adding hormonal therapy to radiation lengthens survival in men with recurring prostate cancer - Blog Post

High-grade cancer that’s still confined to the prostate is generally treated surgically. But a third of the men who have their cancerous prostates removed will experience a rise in blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). This is called PSA… Read More

7 ways to save cash on prescription drugs - Blog Post

The prescription retinoid that my dermatologist suggested sounded like a great idea. It was a topical vitamin A-based cream, which has been shown to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Now that I’m a middle ager, I thought I’d… Read More

3 reasons to leave earwax alone - Blog Post

Follow me on Twitter @RobShmerling Can you think of something you do that’s nearly irresistible, widely popular, but a bad idea that’s based on a health myth? That’s right, I’m talking about inserting cotton-tipped swabs into your ears. According… Read More
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