Migraines & Brain Structure


A study published in the journal Neurology finds that migraine headaches may permanently change the structure of a person’s brain.

Researchers looked at 19 studies examining people’s brains using MRI. The images showed that people who have migraines are more likely to have changes in parts of the brain responsible for learning and communication. They also have more areas that look like previous strokes and smaller brain volume.

Researchers don’t know if migraines caused the changes, if the changes caused the migraines, or if something else caused both.

If you suffer from migraines: 

• Avoid too much caffeine or a sudden cutback in consumption.

• Avoid salty or processed foods and certain additives (MSG, sulfites).

• Limit stress. Try a massage.

• Get enough sleep.

• Avoid medicines containing hormones.

• Get regular exercise.

• Ask your doctor about preventive medications.


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